Project Info

  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Start Date: September 2015
  • End Date: September 2015
Project Features

  • Backend: Tornado (Python websockets framework), VLC command line.
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Completed in a team of 4.


Surroundify was inspired by our love for music, and for sharing good music with each other. Now, you can experience music synchronously with a friend by simply playing the same station on Surroundify, or make your own surround sound audio system!

I mainly worked with another teammate on the frontend, including the landing page and the homepage, which includes the page for creating new stations. We used HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap to do so. On the back end, we used Torndado to create a protocol to synchronize audio across multiple devices. We integrated this with the VLC command line to essentially continuously send "play" commands while the station is live. In addition, we implemented a sinusoidal manipulation to help mitigate network latency across the devices.

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