Project Info

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Start Date: September 2016
  • End Date: Ongoing
Project Features

  • Android mobile app.
  • Mongoose with mongodb database backend.
  • Building in a team of 2.


Have you ever wanted to go to a nearby city that's just a little bit too close to spend a fortune on flight tickets, but just a little bit too far to drive over alone, yet you don't want to suffer unnecessarily long in a bus ride? It's a real struggle, I know. Luckily for you, someone else is probably also heading that way! Why not carpool with them?

ugu was started at Pennapps XIV, and have continued to grow throughout the school year. Ultimately, we envision having the following features:

  • Riders:
    • Be able to see a list of all rides offered and approximate departure time, along with start locations and destinations.
    • Be able to negotiate a price for the ride with the driver.
    • Book a ride with a deposit.
    • Confirm that a ride has completed before being charged fully.
  • Drivers:
    • Be able to post a potential ride offer with details including asking price, start location and destination, and approximate departure time.
    • Be able to see a list of all interested riders, and agree to offer a ride to a particular rider and receive the deposit immediately.
  • Additionally, we want to have a two-way feedback/review system to crowdsource quality control. If the user has a profile on other ridesharing platforms, we would also like to be able to connect the profiles to strengthen security.